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Cat adopts abandoned Chihuahua puppies

Posted: May 23, 2017 8:07 PM Updated:

The DeSoto County Animal Service is exactly what the name states, however the work from the staff is what sets them apart from other animal shelters. Those efforts sometimes take them to an unusual solution for abandoned animals.

This shelter strives daily to nurse animals they’ve receive back to health, ultimately finding them a home through adoption.

Shelter adoptions have grown compared to 637 adoptions in 2014 capping off at 920 adoptions in 2016. So far there have already been 513 adoptions in 2017.

Monica Mock, shelter director, is excited about how far the staff is willing to go to save the lives of these animals and wants the public to understand that although it is not an easy task they strive to make a way.

Mock explained how the shelter had received new born Chihuahua puppies that had been abandoned by their mother from birth, causing them to be unweaned. After receiving the two puppies, they made an effort to see if other dogs in the shelter would nurse them but they were unsuccessful. However, they didn’t give up there and later found a shelter cat that goes by the name of “Sweet Pea” that nursed the pups to heath.

The DeSoto County Animal Service encourages individuals looking for an addition to their family to consider opening their home to a shelter pet.

For more information on the shelter or how to adopt a new pet, call 662-469-8004. 

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