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Attract the Best Millenial Talent with La Croix

Want the hottest millennial talent waiting in line to work for your company? There's a simple solution that costs only $3.99 a case. Stock your fridge with LaCroix. Preferably, pamplemousse flavor. Kidding. Kind of.

Once a regional Midwestern sparkling water brand, LaCroix is making big waves across the nation. It boasts no calories, no sweeteners, no sodium or artificial anything. Though LaCroix is not the only fizzy water on the market, it's emerging as the brand of choice. Sales have more than doubled over the past two years to $225.5 million, Wall Street Journal recently reported. How did LaCroix emerge as the drink of choice for employees at Inc.-nominated company of the year Slack, and thousands of other "it" startups?

A recent piece by Digiday, a publication that covers media and marketing, points to the LaCroix social-media strategy. Specifically, a rock-solid Instagram strategy that's targeted toward millennials.

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